Summer Caftans Have Landed

Bold prints, luxe and drapey cottons ensure every head turns when you enter the room.

Meet Mae!

Not only is Mae an absolutely fabulous convertable caftan but, the intro of fabrics 41 and 42 introduce a whole new level of options from House of Lu.

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  • Diana is BACK!

    When a beloved fabric makes a chance comeback and brings her equally gorgeous friend (and then some!).

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Be Audacious. Show Up Big.

Wearing a House of Lu dress means showing up looking luxe and comfortable. Bold prints and bright colors have never lead anyone astray. Have fun getting dressed!

It’s vibe that cannot be described!

I finally own a House of Lu original.... and you know what.... it really does make you want to click your heels together with joy.
🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t know why but it’s magical.

  • "My Iris is the only thing I want to wear now!" 

  • "After wearing it straight, both days, during the weekend...I decided to order another one."

  • "OMG I Love Love Love It! It is perfect!"

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