From Under the Muumuu and Into the House of Lu

A little bit of a delay on this post specifically but, in the event you missed the post on Instagram, I wanted to give you some details on the comeback and switch back to House of Lu. 

Under the Muumuu was initially meant to be the name of the LLC - an analogy of a space big enough to hold clothing lines, Muumuus Across America, the Muumuu Advent Calendar and whatever else inspired me enough to come to life.

With my pause, I did a lot of meditating on why I kept the name House of Lu - as I was never fully convinced of having Under the Muumuu as the brand.

In the last 6 months, I saw some videos that helped me solidify that decision. One was about appropriation (if you didn't know, the Mu'umu'u is a native Hawaiian dress and not just the name of an oversized house dress) and another was about an internalized battle between native Hawaiians and their resources being routed for tourism, at their own expense.


When I first started, my version of a modern mu'umu'u was an homage to the pieces I'd been collecting for years, that brought me out of my shell and created a state of joy for all to witness. In that short period of time, my hashtag #jointhemuumuuvement became shortened to #jointhemuuvement by the locals (awesome!) and they now have a decree, by the governor of Hawaii that every January is officially #muumuumonth (if you don't know, check out the hashtag on instagram. It is such a gorgeous display of history and color!).

All of that said, I feel very strongly about leaving muumuus to the experts and muumuuving on (couldn't resist) to House of Lu where, I can focus myself on House Coats (obvious!) and caftans.

We've already got the Ogust drop out in the world (and mostly sold out!) and next up is the Blue-Green Drop, landing Tuesday May 17th at 12pm CST. 


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