House of Lu exists to give you the freedom your innermost self desires. 

Inside, we all desire to be seen. 

Some of us have been brave and choose to show up big every single day. 

Some of exist more like the cycle of flowers and show up big and then need to go into hiding to reset (guilty!). 

And then there’s some of us who only dream of being that person. Dream of being able to throw on a look that gives yourself the permission to be seen. 

Some of us will often say “Oh, I could never wear that!” cutting ourselves off before ever getting the chance. 

When was the last time you decided to show up big? 

And when you did, what happened?

**keep in mind, if those in your closest circle are stuck in patterns keeping themselves small, when you show up big, they’re not going to celebrate with you. They may even subtly try to tear you down. Because you showing up big highlights that they’re staying small. And they don’t want to deal with that, so they need you to stay small too.


For me, it was this phenomenon of being called out by strangers on the street. 

“Oh I love your dress!"

"You look amazing today!"

"I want to be wearing what you’re wearing!"

"I want to live in your outfit!”

 Never one to take a complement (always a deflector), I found myself being barely able to respond or even say thank you.

(this is an entire psychological sidebar)

As these moments kept happening, I was forced to change. Forced to make eye contact and say thank you. Forced to smile and be gracious. And as they continued, it was no longer force but, the sheer excitement of an energetic exchange that took over. 

How is it that such a small moment in time, being taken by surprise with kindness, can change the trajectory of our entire day?

If you’ve done any reading on the concept of the third place, you know that these interactions are some of the most important on our day. They require no heavy-lifting, as we’re not invested in these lives and yet, they are SO fulfilling. 

What I’ve’ve learned in creating these pieces, is that you can unlock something inside of you. A version of you that exists in a state of freedom, sashaying around like Elizabeth Taylor at a party, cocktail in hand, playfully laughing away with the likes of Sir Elton John. 

The primary fabric used is vintage, designer and general deadstock as I love the idea of creating something that exists in a minimal amount. Being a vintage collector, there is nothing quite like having something that no one else has. Maybe it’s a big egoic (it’s totally egoic!) but it adds to the high of getting dressed. 

It also has a greater purpose.

In an industry that is already the second largest polluter of the planet, we’re helping to remove and use what would have ended up in a landfill. So every time you put on your House of Lu piece, you're not only unlocking a version of yourself that wants to be seen, but you’re also doing good for the planet.

These pieces are designed to be generational and transcendent of trend. 

Trends want us to buy into something, as if we’re not good enough and we need to be a part of the crowd to be accepted. 

Timeless style, says to the world “I’m here!” 

And we're ALL so grateful for it. 

Every single one of us is a unique creature with gifts that no other person possesses and we are here in our lifetime to share them. 

Think of House of Lu as that really fabulous gift wrap that the one friend of yours always splurges on and every single time you show up to a party together you think “Damn, I should have bought the good stuff.”

Now you can. Go ahead and wrap yourself up in the good stuff.